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In honour of officially entering my ‘mid-twenties’ here’s a list of my top 20 bucket list to hit during your 20s – some of my all time favourite destinations included as well as my ultimate travel goals :

20. South Africa

An upcoming trip that’s been on the bucket list for years! South Africa has it all – game parks, wildlife reserves, exquisite winerys, the Victoria Falls right next door, and of course, the Blue Train (Capetown – Pretoria)!

19. Tulum

Cenotes, cenotes, cenotes! Underwater caverns make this place a scuba diver’s paradise, and the white sand beaches make it the perfect R&R getaway, particularly if you’re a stone’s throw away in the USA!

18. Yosemite National Park

For any hiking and roadtrip fiends, this has got to be one for the books! Explore it on its own or as a part of your Western USA roadtrip – guide here.

17. Petra, Jordan

It’s an entire city carved into the mountains, need I say anything more?

16. Zermatt

Winter or summer, there’s no terrible time to visit this little Swiss town on the German side of the country. Make a trip up the furnicular to Matterhorn in the summer, or ski down the many pistes in the winter for an ideal European getaway in Swiss wonderland.

15. Greece

You haven’t really done summer in Europe if you haven’t partied in Mykonos or had breakfast by the Santorini caldera, have you?

14. Venice

Picture this – you’re sitting in the Piazza San Marco sipping on a coffee, watching the people go by in the main town square before hopping on a gondola for a seafood feast somewhere between Rialto and the main Piazza, grabbing some cinchetti on your way. Sound perfect? I know it does – go to Venice! See the ToV Venice guide here for my favourite ways to explore the canal city.

13. Croatia

Rolling cliffs, exquisite lakes, cascading waterfalls, beautiful coastal roads – this country pretty much has it all. Perfect for a roadtrip or a rustic city adventure with a bit of ocean thrown in!

12. Amalfi

The Italian Riviera at its finest! This little gem has definitely come into the spotlight in the last few years and rightly so, it makes for Italian summer perfection.

11. New York

The good-ol’ city that never gets too old to visit. My complete New York City guide is here – happy exploring!

10. Sri Lanka

This country has only recently hit the limelight with its beautiful beaches, palm trees, tropical beach resorts, and abundant options to explore the natural ecology around the Indian Ocean. Make this trip together with a visit to India to have the perfectly diverse getaway.


Visit this exquisite country for some scuba diving and wildlife watching during their summer time, and catch the mass migrations in Serengeti!

8. Australia

Explore the beach at Bondi (Bondi guide here), go scuba diving in Cairns, drive around the great Australian outback, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and brunch your way through every city – this country has a little something for everybody, you can never go wrong here.

7. Japan

This is pretty high on the bucket list, and there’s so much to do – cherry blossoms, amazing food, snow-covered mountains – got to start planning that trip soon.

6. Budapest

One of the most trending cities on a twentysomething’s list today is Budapest. Perfect for those who want a little culture amidst a buzzing city experience, with ruin bars bringing up the helm for your ideal nightlife experience, and large baths the new trending snapshot on Instagram.

5. India

Easily one of the new hotspots that NEEDS to be on everyone’s list, this beautiful country (it’s the motherland, but I promise I’m not biased!) is a must-do. No amount of time is really enough but make a trip to the Golden Triangle (click here for the complete guide) or down south to the backwaters of Kerala for a flavour of the diversity this country has on offer.

4. London

My current home and easily one of the more breathtaking cosmopolitans in Europe! Spend a few days in the city exploring the history it has to offer and of course, having some afternoon tea in the true English way.

3. Paris

Really, I couldn’t ever exclude Paris from this list. If you haven’t been already, head to the city of love for even a weekend, walking through the cobblestone streets and taking that quintessential shot of the Eifel Tower, L’adurée macaron in hand.

2. Peru

Make the coming-of-age trek through the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and experience the old Incan Empire cities in all their glory. Feast on truly divine dishes like ceviche and explore the colourful Peruvian markets (check out the ToV Peru guides here and here) in a trip I promise you won’t forget.

1. Patagonia

This is the ULTIMATE goal and it should really be on everyone’s dream bucket list – on the border of Chile and Argentina you just CANNOT miss Patagonia!

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