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When I set out to explore Greece for the first time, after checking off the classic Cyclades islands like Mykonos and Santorini, I was looking for a hidden gem to uncover, away from the tourist-centric stops in the country – I couldn’t have found a better answer than Milos. Tucked away about 2 hours from Santorini, this beautiful island justifiably boasts the most stunning beaches in the Aegean, and made for a natural choice.

Within a few hours, I was completely in love.

Milos has, quite literally, everything. Turquoise watered sandy beaches? Check. Delicious Greek food? Check. Personal Aegean luxury? Check.

3-4 days are ideal on this beautiful island, and if you have a week – even better!

PS – rent a car, because public transportation is almost non-existent and driving around is the best way to see everything. Parking is free everywhere with plenty of spots, and rental companies are scattered in the village of Adamas, by the port, and prices are very affordable. A 4WD will be particularly helpful on some of the island’s roads as they can get quite steep and gravelly, but do make for an easy drive if you’ve got the right car. MilosRentCar by Tourlakis is a great option!


The best way to explore Milos is to break the island down into quadrants and spend a day exploring each part. The South and East are easily the most beautiful and offer the most accessible beaches, while the North is populated with Milos’ quaint village-towns and has some of the best food on the Greek islands. For the best beaches to hit, check out the full guide here.

South Milos

Starting with my favourite, the southern end of the island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, of which you absolutely cannot miss Firirplaka, Tsigrado, Agia Kyriaki and Paliochori.

East + West Milos

Grouping these together, because the best way to see both ends is by joining a day-long yacht tour (check out Excellent Yachting) that takes you by some of the more spectacular beaches you will find in the east (some only accessible by water) and by Kleftiko, the postcard snapshot you’ve probably seen of Milos, which is nearly unapproachable by land. Dive off the yacht and swim at the different beaches, snorkel through the caves at Kleftiko, and feast on one of the best Greek lunches of your life on board, all while sailing through the  Aegean Sea.

North Milos

Beaches in the north are often gone unnoticed but you cannot miss Firopotamos and Sarakiniko. Each is unique and while Sarakiniko is not a beach you can swim at, its chalk white cliffs are beautiful to capture at sunset.

North Milos is also home to the main village-towns – Pollonia, Plaka (the island’s capital), Adamas, and Tripiti.

Stroll through the Santorini-esque white-washed streets of Plaka, watch a sunset from the castle atop its hill (it is absolutely worth the hike), and savour gourmet souvlaki and wine while you do so. Another popular option to watch the sunset is to grab a seat at Utopia Cafe in the town for an uninterrupted view of golden hour at its best.

Pollonia and Adamas are lovely and quaint and worth a visit for the gourmet offerings alone. Both ports are wonderful to sit at with some of the best tiramisu and baklava you’ve ever tasted from Pollonia’s local bakery.

Another stop in the north, a stone’s throw away from the village of Plaka, is Klima – a little fishing village known for the row of colourful fishermen’s homes that are an Instagram-worthy shot – one of many on this beautiful island.

WHERE TO EAT (link to the Foodie Guide here)



Kivotos ton Gefseon

Mavros Xoiros (The Black Pig)

O! Hamos! 

Palaios Cafe



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