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Every time I visit Australia, I can’t miss Bondi. The perfect characterization of Aussie beach culture, its laidback vibes and plethora of acai bowls make it an ideal day out to come home refreshed, fit (one acai bowl would do that, right?) and relaxed.

Drive out to Coogee and start your morning with a stroll from Coogee to Bondi. It’s a spectacular trail that takes you right by the oceanfront. Make a quick stop for a dip in the pool at Bondi Icebergs – easily one of the most instagrammed spots in the area – before you hit the beach. Even better, grab an early bite there after your trail walk (or run!).

Spend the morning at Bondi Beach, playing in the waves or tanning while you people watch. Around mid-morning or early afternoon, take a break and hit Speedos Café for some of their decadent pancakes and maybe an acai bowl – For all my favourite Bondi brunch spots, scroll down!

Work off the pancakes by taking a walk through the small town. Check out the beach stores and walk past the beach a little further on the cliffside trail for some beautiful views. Spend the afternoon taking it easy, either back at the beach (check out Bronte beach, a mere 2 km away), learning to catch a wave at Bondi, or with a spa at the Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach Sydney, a gorgeous property that you should definitely spend the night in if you’re staying over at Bondi!

All that relaxing made you hungry again? Hit up the famous Acai Brothers Bondi for some of their amazing bowls – you haven’t had acai until you’ve eaten here, trust me! Carry that acai on a walk to Tamarama Beach (the currents are strong here, so be careful), which you should have passed on the coastal trail you did earlier in the day. Spend some time there before making your way back to your hotel or for a night at the beach. If you couldn’t get enough of it for one day, there’s always round two to be had the next day!

Where to Eat:

Speedo’s Café

Acai Brothers Bondi

Porch and Parlour

Bondi Icebergs

Harry’s Bondi Beach

Bondi Wholefoods

Where to Stay:

Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach Sydney

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