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If there’s one thing they tell you when you get to Milos, it’s that the food on this island is some of the best you’ll have tried throughout the Cyclades. And I promise you, they aren’t wrong. Step away from tourist traps and explore the local tavernas and family run enterprises scattered around this island for some of the best homemade, deliciously authentic Greek food you’ve had!

Even after a few days you’ll barely make a dent, but if you base your schedules around the food you eat (which is what we did, of course!) then you might just about do the place justice.

And for those wondering, food on this island is VERY affordable, with a full meal of two small plates and two mains with dessert (we could barely make it past 2 appetizers and a main, and we can eat…) not exceeding 25 Euros in TOTAL… and if you’re keen for a glass of the local vino (and Greek wine is delicious!), it will likely make a minimal dent with 50ml for as little 3 Euros!


Diporto in Plaka’s main town is a little family-run taverna, and well worth a visit for a lovely lunch under their alfresco garden. The favourites here are the local fried cheese, homemade Greek salad with feta, and the aubergine imam bayildi.

Gialos in Pollonia, right by the port, is an ‘Aegean’ cuisine specialist and hands-down had the best fried feta topped with honey, paprika and herbs we’d tasted (and by then, we were connoisseurs).

Mavros Xoiros (The Black Pig) offers amazing lamb souvlaki within the main town of Plaka – you can’t miss the sign for the ‘Souvlaki Bar’ as you walk up the stairs leading to the town center. Highlights on the menu include the fried local cheese, dakos salad, feta stuffed red peppers, and the house-favourite souvlaki platter. With complimentary dessert and chocolate covered ice cream sticks, you’re definitely finishing this meal on a high.

O! Hamos! is hands down one of the best restaurants in the Cyclades – a cute spot just a 2 minute drive from the port of Adamas, it is a quirky eatery with alfresco dining and food-to-die-for. Don’t miss the fried manoura, baked aubergine with goats cheese, house-classic greek salad, fried feta cheese, goat with cheese-topped pasta and herbs, and the stuffed lamb with feta – in case you haven’t noticed, we ate a lot of cheese… when in Greece…

Sirocco is definitely worth a mention situated on Paliochori beach. With the sleeping volcanic roots of Milos heating the earth under the beach, this joint boasts ‘Volcanic Food,’ slow-cooking the meat in ovens that use the heat from the ground instead of artificial fires. The baked eggplant is absolutely delicious and a must-try.


Kivotos ton Gefseon is an adorable little bakery off the main road of Pollonia (barely 2 minutes into your route as you make your way from Pollonia to Plaka) – boasting homemade Greek desserts and honey, their baklava does not disappoint and their tiramisu is a delicious surprise.

Palaios Cafe is a firm local favourite in Plaka and it’s not hard to see why. The watermelon pie is absolutely delicious – and a local delicacy so you must try it – and the cherry cheesecake is incredibly light and fresh. The homemade baklava is some of the best we tried during our time in the Cyclades – this is also a beautiful spot to watch the sunset colours over Plaka, and is just off the main street at the corner.

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