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Ever feel like you wanted to experience life in a Robinson Crusoe-esque way? Believe it or not, the Shangri-La has provided for those needs… at it’s stunning 30+ acre property in Mauritius’ prestigious Le Touessrok region, the luxurious resort offers to make all those dreams come true, and all you have to do is ask.

A precisely 8 minute speedboat ride from the hotel’s jetty lies the beautiful island of Île Mangenie. Everything you imagined when you planned your trip to Mauritius – turquoise waters, white pristine beaches making the water near-translucent, palm trees – this island has it all. The island is full of sun beds, and has a lovely restaurant off on one side to dine at your leisure. Money well spent however, is treating yourself to the true private island experience with your own butler, food that will make you salivate, and absolutely nobody around your personal cabana and sun beds.

From the second we arrived on the Île Mangenie port, we were blown away by true luxe hospitality. Walk your way over to your private cabana, which is well equipped with rosé, water, and a selection of the freshest fruits (replenished frequently and thoroughly!), and relax on the cushions, watching the water glisten under the sun.

When you get hungry, your butler (some of the loveliest locals we met) will bring in all the delicacies – truffle pizza (almost unfairly delicious), fresh bread with homemade tapenades, and a tropical salad with the freshest fruits on the island.

Move your sun beds over to where the water begins and enjoy your rosé on the beach (I mean, isn’t that all anyone really wants?) uninterrupted, for the next cabana is more than 15 feet away, so really, the beach is all yours.

Easily one of the most relaxed afternoons we spent in Mauritius, Île Mangenie was the perfect oasis, giving you a luxe experience so perfectly customized that it was almost made for you!

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