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Once I had my first taste of desert camping at Wadi Rum (more details here), it was only a matter of time before I jumped on the trending millennial bandwagon and had my first ‘glamping’ experience. Where better than a secluded expanse an hour’s drive from Marrakech, with the Atlas Mountains towering in the distance, their snow-covered peaks providing the perfect juxtaposition with the desert. Enter… Scarabeo Camp.

This beautiful camp is nestled in perfect seclusion, with a set-up that is incredibly glamorous in a Lawrence of Arabia-esque way. With food to-die-for, a constant flow of Moroccan mint tea, and classic Arab hospitality, it’s one of those places which, if you know, you know.

Getting There

Just a short drive from Marrakech, the camp will send a pick-up to get you from wherever you are in the city. I wouldn’t personally recommend attempting the drive on your own, as it gets particularly rocky towards the end. For a small cost (really really minimal), you can save yourself the stressful drive, and just enjoy the ride!

The Camp

Before you set your mind wandering, there aren’t dunes around for you to run up and down. The tents spread across the desert at the foot of the mountains stand white and stark against the backdrop, with camels grazing around waiting for a ride.

Each tent is a little unique but they house anywhere from a couple to 4-5 of you with plenty fo room to spare. The fireplaces are just magical, and ideal in the desert night, and the beautiful sitting area in the family tents – there’s nothing cozier! ‘Glamping’ at it’s best, the bathrooms are basic but lovely, including a range of bath lotions and fragranced amenities for an added touch. Fluffy white robes, and the beautiful antique decor round out a gorgeous experience in this mystical desert-scape.

Your Experience

I can’t say this enough… after a packed few days exploring Marrakech and it’s markets, this camp really is the ULTIMATE R&R spot. Spend your time relaxing in the grand open spaces covered with cushions and Moroccan rugs, sipping tea and devouring all the delicious Arabic deserts on offer. Grab a ride on one of their in-house camels and at your farthest point, you’ll find the best view of the camp silhouetted against the expanse around it.

The food here was easily some of the best I’ve ever eaten in the Middle East and absolutely no meal is to be scoffed at. Dinner starts with a local starter or soup that tingles your taste buds, and continues with a classic (and very sizable) tagine that will leave you dreaming about it… I’m not kidding. Polish it off with desert and Moroccan tea by the bonfire set up on the grounds for a heavenly end to your night. Start your morning with a hearty Arabic breakfast and a walk to the nearest village for a lovely cultural experience. Lunch is fresh kebabs and skewers served outdoors under canopied tents with the Atlas Mountains as your dining view!

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Tales Of Vagary was welcomed by Scarabeo Camp (thank you!), but as always, all opinions are my own.

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