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I’ll be honest (and unashamed!)… out of my top three reasons to visit Italy, gelato was easily one of them. So last May, when we visited Cinque Terre, the everyday hikes only gave us more reason to try the villages’ gelato offerings – let’s be realistic, we didn’t really need a reason to begin with. So here’s even more incentive to get yourself over to the Italian coast and eat yourself into a gelato coma…

Gelateria Artigianale Un Mare di Yogurt, Corniglia

Here’s your little reward at the end of that hike from Vernazza! Step into this gem on a side street off the main plaza before you make your way up through the narrow side streets to some more beautiful view points.

Gelateria Golosone, Monterosso Al Mare

Now this one can be a little difficult to find because of how much bigger Monterosso is. As you get to the main square just off the trail from Vernazza, but before you hit the main picture-postcard beach, turn right into the little city streets until you get to the massive ice cream cone with a line out the door – you’re there. Gelateria Golosone ticks quite literally, every box.

Gelateria Vernazza, Vernazza

Now THIS… THIS is gelato. A little store on the main street of the village as you make your way from the train station to the waterfront, stop in to this slice of paradise and discover some of the most incredible flavours you never knew existed. Go for the fig, mango, straciatella, and pistachio – yes all four at the same time – it’ll make all that exercise so so worth it, I promise.

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