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There is no way you can leave Nashville other than in a total food coma. Full of gourmet Southern comfort food, and some of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had, music city didn’t disappoint. Check out my hit-list for the restaurants you just CANNOT miss.

Hattie Bs

I can’t honestly start a foodie list for Nashville without putting this gem at the top. Honest, hot, true Southern fried chicken. If you think you’ve got it in you, go for their ‘shut the cluck up’ and feel your mouth burn… hot chicken + mac and cheese and you couldn’t possibly have a more perfect introduction to Nashville’s food scene.

To ensure immediate gratification – hit up the one on 8th, and try and avoid Midtown as far as possible – fewer lines and quicker bites of pure Southern goodness!

Melrose / Broadway / West Nashville :


In the cute neighborhood near Vanderbilt, Helen’s is a low-key spot hidden on a side street that you’re bound to miss if you’re not looking for it. A different take on fried chicken, the food nonetheless hits every flavor you’re looking for, and the classic explosion of hot chicken makes you love Nashville even more.

Pancake Pantry

Pancakes for brunch never disappoint and this little Hilsboro neighborhood gem doesn’t either. You can’t go wrong with the Santa Fe pancakes and a stack of the Banana Bread pancakes with a side of bacon (if you really want to do this right…). Don’t be deterred by the lines, they move fast, and this spot is well worth the wait, with free coffee outside as you wait. That said, try and get there as soon as they open or on a weekday, or brace yourselves for a long-ish wait.

Hilsboro :

Biscuit Love

THIS. CANNOT. BE. MISSED. The holy grail of southern brunch in Nashville, if there is one spot that you need to make the effort to hit up in the city, it’s this one. Order the ‘Princess’ and devour some hot chicken with biscuits as you head into the weekend. The bonuts are a must for the table to share – lumps of sugary goodness topped with lemon mascarpone and blueberry compote.

Pro Tip : Hit up the one in Hilsboro to save yourself the lines in the Gulch (you’ll thank me later)

Gulch / Hilsboro :

Proper Bagel

A little piece of New York in Nashville, this Jewish deli is a cute little spot that has lines out the door if you get there any later than opening. Totally worth the wait, they have cream cheese options that’ll take you a while to choose from, and everything from classic bagel sandwiches to a simple but never failing salmon + lox classic.

Belmont / Hilsboro :

404 Kitchen

A great spot for girl’s night or a romantic dinner date, and the food doesn’t disappoint! Interesting wine lists and a sophisticated take on some Southern favorites (enter, cornbread…) make this place one you need to put on your list.

Gulch :

Peg Leg Porker

You can’t really complete a trip to the South without some classic BBQ, and Peg Leg Porker is SUCH a spot for it. Limited ambiance, you go here for some true local grub, not for an evening out. The BBQ is incredible in every way from the classics on the menu to something as deliciously simple as the BBQ nachos for those feeling more peckish.

Gulch :

LA Jackson

Great spot to make your night out, the rooftop bar of the Thompson Hotel is absolutely buzzing, and is the place to go for either a few drinks, or to spend your time post-dinner.

Gulch :

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