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I have a particular weakness for turquoise water and white sand beaches, so naturally when I made my way over to Milos, the southernmost tip of the Cyclades, I was on a mission. And what a success that was… known across Greece as home to the country’s best beaches, with over 70 beaches to choose from, Milos offered up the goods, and how!

In an attempt to make this more manageable, here’s a list of five beaches you absolutely CANNOT miss on a trip to the island…

Firiplaka – South Milos

Our all-time favourite, this stunning beach is jaw dropping from the approach to the descent. Shallow for a good few meters it offers up soft white sand as you wade your way into the beautiful turquoise water.

Tsigrado – South Milos

Worth a mention especially because of the descent to the beach, this little outcrop in a cove-like spot has some of the most spectacular water on the island. The descent down to the beach is not for the faint-hearted though, with a half-broken ladder that is ensconced in the cliff. If you spend a day yachting around the island, this is likely to be one of the stops, but that shouldn’t stop you from driving over and admiring the view from the top.

Firopotamus – North Milos

A lovely hidden beach that isn’t quite well known with the tourists, this beautiful oasis is perfect for a day by the sea. Frequented by locals so if you know, you know, the pebbles give the water a lovely glittering hue, and the shallow waters make for perfect wading.

Kleftiko – West Milos

Nearly inaccessible by car, this beach is stunning with underwater caves and beautiful white cliffs jutting out of the water and is best reached by boat – sail around the island and park here for a swim and lunch!

Agia Kyriaki – South Milos

Not quite as popular as the ones i’ve already mentioned, but this beach is worth a visit in the south! The white pebbles make the water almost translucent as it glitters against the sun. Again, one frequented by locals so it’s got their stamp of approval on it!



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