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One of the many perks of living in London is being able to sneak out of town for as little as four days… the last time I did this, Tuscany was calling.

Over Easter weekend we hopped across to Italy’s gorgeous wine country for a perfect four day getaway. An easy enough flight to Pisa from London (Florence is another alternative) got us to our beautiful wine estate-turned-hotel in Chianti in time for sunset, wine, charcuterie, and dinner – the ideal way to kickstart this getaway. PS: fair warning for those who pride themselves on their driving skills, Tuscan roads put it all to the test…

The next morning we were off exploring the regions of Tuscany, hitting a couple of wineries each day…

Castellina en Chianti & Siena

Start the trip exploring the beautiful vineyards around Chianti, stopping at some local favorites – Fontodi, Antinori, and Castello di Ama.

Head on further to the capital Tuscan city of Siena and spend an afternoon getting yourself lost in the winding streets. Don’t miss hitting some of the fantastic gelato spots in the city (when in Rome…)

Val d’Orcia & Pienza

Easily one of my favourite days of the trip, exploring the towns known for their Brunello and shopping our way through the land of Pecorino. We headed out first to Pienza, roaming the little streets of this picturesque town, and stopping at all the cheese shops we could find to stock up on Pecorino, a staple that originated in this village.

After you’re sufficiently equipped, head on over to Montalcino and its beautiful vineyards for a couple of tastings of Brunello, before heading on for lunch. You’re now officially deep in the Val d’Orcia region of Tuscany, known for its rolling hills and tree lined drives. The Azienda Ciacci Piccolomini vineyard offers up a beautiful estate and gorgeous tasting room, and Pietroso and Le Potazzine are staples in the region that are impossible to miss.

Drive on for a spot of lunch away from the main towns to the little village of Sant’Angelo in Colle where Trattoria il Leccio offers up the most amazing traditional Tuscan lunch, known for its grilled meat and meat ragu. Paired with a class of Brunello, its the perfect midday treat.

You’re not far from Montepulciano so head on over to the town, climb to the top for a beautiful view of the village and valley, and hit up a couple of wine stores along the sidewalk for an additional splurge on local Brunellos.

Volterra & San Gimignano

The beautiful town of Volterra awaits! On your way from Chianti, stop at San Gimignano to explore the village and have a spot of breakfast…

Volterra requires no introduction and is easily one of the most beautiful towns in the region… the arched city has a myriad of side streets to get yourself lost in. Spend the better part of the day there, hopping in and out of the many cafes, and grab a spot of lunch at Il Poggio for an incredible pasta feast – their truffle pasta is a must!

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