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Luxury has come to mean different things to me over the course of my travels. A hotel with a view just doesn’t cut it anymore… a personal touch – never having to think about taking care of something because it’s already been thought of… THAT’S luxe living. Enter – Eiriana Luxury Suites – a sort of new-age luxury hotel that checks every possible box. Not gushing… merely stating a fact.

Nestled in the hills of Tripiti, a stone’s throw away from Plaka and Adamas in Milos, this oasis is the perfect getaway for ultimate vacation pampering. Boutique only in size with six unique suites, it is an exclusive luxury only the lucky few who know about it can enjoy.

Getting There

Driving to Eiriana Luxury Suites is easy from the port of Adamas or Milos International Airport, about 15 minutes or less for either. Perfectly located away from the busy-ness of the main towns, it is easily accessible from Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia, and provides the ideal little exclusive escape.

The Rooms + Facilities

Each suite is different and full of character, but rest-assured, you will be pampered wherever you are. With one of our favourites being the pool suite where the pool and patio are your backyard…and if that gets busy, your personal veranda area adds to your privacy, making for a perfect breakfast spot and some afternoon sunbathing.

Grab some of the complimentary mastiha (a local Greek spirit, and potent at that) or freshly picked mountain tea from your room and a good book and lay out by the pool on the myriad of sunbeds and cushioned poolside couches.

Forget the days of wondering if wi-fi will be provided, here you’ve got your own personal wi-fi spot, and in-house concierge app (read on…) – like I said, you needn’t think about a thing, it’s already been taken care of.

Breakfast each morning is wonderfully personalized and has all the essentials and more. If you’re lucky and visiting Milos during peak season, the Eiriana Luxury Suites app serves as your private concierge as you place your order for breakfast the previous evening to have it ready and waiting for you the next morning, in your veranda or your room or by the pool – just say the word, and they’ll do the rest! Any earlier in the year and you have tray-fulls ready and waiting for you in the morning with everything on the menu so you’re completely spoiled for choice.

And dinner… that’s a feast in itself. We were lucky enough to try their sumptuous dinner menu, which is on full offer during the peak summer months. Curated by an ‘Aegean’ specialist chef and cooked on-site, it offers a delicious twist on traditional Milos dishes and is centered around fresh, local produce. Safe to say we had a hard time getting out of our chairs after we’d demolished everything. The fresh twist on the tabbouleh salad and the chicken in a greek yogurt marinade were particular favourites. Dessert of course, deserves its own special chocolate-covered mention but I won’t give away anything more…

PS – easily one of our favourite parts about our stay at this beautiful property was the incredibly personalized touches in the rooms and services. Sweets from grandma’s house are waiting for you at the reception (delicious and addictive, trust me!), spare hair ties in the bathrooms for all those clutzes (yours truly) who never remember theirs, customized presents for each guest – girls trip / honeymoon / family vacation? They have it covered… our disposable camera turned out to be the best present we could have possibly received to make it an extra special girls week island hopping!

Would I Recommend It?

Absolutely! Suffice it to say that our trip to Milos wouldn’t have been nearly as special had we not stayed at Eiriana Luxury Suites. Personalized luxury, beautiful rooms and facilities, Aegean hospitality at its very best, a wonderful team who’s local recommendations exceeded every expectation (everything we did was their suggestion, and needless to say we fell deeply in love with Milos as a result) – it is impossible not to be floored by the experience at this new-age epitome of luxe living.

Click here to book your stay!

Tales of Vagary was extremely warmly welcomed by Eiriana Luxury Suites, but as always, all opinions remain my own.

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