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I’m constantly asked how I’m ‘always’ travelling while holding down a full time job in London, so I figured it’s about time I shared all the resources I use, and my protips for making the most of all the time you get! (PS: This post isn’t remotely sponsored – I just LOVE these resources and couldn’t wait to share them with you guys!)

Bad case of wanderlust? Here’s how you treat it…

Use your £$€ wisely and of course… SAVE SAVE SAVE!

This is so obvious, but it’s absurd just how the smallest bits and bobs add up to a substantial sum that can keep your travels funded for a few weeks or more! Butttt…. HOW exactly do you save? I’ve laid out some easy ways to spend a little less cash, and notch up your bank account for those wanderlust goals :

Luxury Hostels – Yes That’s A Thing

Luxury hostels are now a thing across the world, and they are truly amazing! Gone are the days when it was either a 5-star hotel or a backpacking camp-out with twenty others to a bathroom and a giant dormitory. Hostels today have revamped enormously, now inhabiting former Hungarian palace ruins and posh, central Victorian-esque homes along Prague’s winding streets.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

The sheer beauty of being a real person post-college is getting your hands on those beautiful credit cards that literally end up REPAYING you so you can travel. My favourites include American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, and the British Airways American Express cards – they’re available both with and without fees so you don’t have to shell out a ton of cash to get those sweet reward points! For all of you in Asia, check out the Citibank Emirates card to ramp up those frequent flyer points. Put everything from your rent to utilities to phone bills on the card and you’ve got your next hotel stay paid for!

Use The Right Resources – All Laid Out For You…

Not a fan of splurging on flights? Use these links below and you’ll never pay full price again – you might even get a trip to Hawaii for less than £200!

Jack’s Flight Club

With an algorithm in place that does all the work for you, just check into your emails everyday to see where the latest offers are available, and book a very early or very last-minute trip. Impulsive getaways are truly the best.


Easily my new favourite (not even sponsored!) when it comes to online flight searches and the largest offer of operating flights – some of the cheapest fares I’ve found were here… click away and book your next trip.


Bored on your lunch break and need some travel inspiration? Hit up this handy app on your phone and explore the different flight deals across the world – this app has one of the largest caches of available flights so you’re likely going to hit the jackpot here.

Trip Tribe

You’re the only one craving that next trip and your friends are too busy? Don’t stress it, solo travel is an amazing experience and this app makes it all the less daunting – sign in, create your profile, and it’ll start recommending group retreats and upcoming trips so you can jump on the bandwagon – exciting new destinations, no planning left to you, and a brand new ground of friends to meet – pretty perfect right?

Budget Traveller

If you’re trying to make that £$ go a little further but you’ve run out of ideas, hit up this app to get an encyclopaedia of where to eat, where to stay, and how to get around on a budget!

Kayak Explore

No, this isn’t the good ol’ Kayak that you’re probably shaking your head at me for. Kayak Explore follows the budget friendly ethos of its parent but with a slight twist – if you know you’re about to get some time off but aren’t sure where you want to go, use this site, input your departure airport, and voila… you’ve got all the options and the cheapest airfares for your choosing. Impulsive travel has never been easier!

Kayak & Skyscanner

Yes, classics but two go-tos that will never really go out of style – you’re guaranteed to find something on here that fits any budget.

Luxury Traveller or Last Minute Decisions? I’ve Got You Covered

If you can’t get away from work until the last second and it’s always stopping your travel dreams, or if you absolutely love a luxurious room for some R&R (who doesn’t?) but don’t want to empty your pockets then fear not, that’s about to change! Use any of these links below to find amazing accommodation for your trips – about as easy as it gets!

Secret Escapes

For the luxury traveller who’s trying not to break the bank, this is the website to use! Sign up for members-only discounts at some of the most luxurious hotels in the world – and you’ve still got change to spare!

Luxury Link

The eBay for all things luxury travel! This quirky site operates exactly like the famous web auction platform, but is specifically tailored to getting the most bang for your buck at luxury retreats and hotels around the world, AND you can always try adding on extras – it’s an auction, so pretty much everything is on the table!

Voyage Privé

Looking for a semi-exclusive getaway package? Look no further – with packages (with or without flights) tailored for the luxury explorer or the budget traveller, you’re bound to find something here that suits your fancy, and at a hell of a good deal! 5 nights in Majorca with all your meals included plus a flight for less than £500? No it’s not a mirage…

Secret Hotels

If luxury is your top priority and you’re ready to be a bit adventurous, then Secret Hotels is for you. Unnamed luxury hotels are in plenty, at discounts that are pretty hard to believe – the catch? You don’t know the name until you’ve booked and paid. If you’re up for a little surprise (it will only be a pleasant one) then I’d highly recommend you get signed up for the deals this site has to offer, you’ll never pay full price again!


A common one but always an amazing option and one of the most intimate ways to explore another culture! You can get some of the best deals on here, and easily the best value when considering your space-to-pound ratio.

My go-to site when I’m craving some luxury or even a cute boutique in the city-center… Amazing deals on here, and you almost never have to pay everything upfront so hey, cancellation flexibility and a guaranteed luxurious vacation – what else do you need?

Hotel Tonight

Have you ended up in a new city on an impulsive weekend away, but didn’t have time to plan out where to stay? Hit up Hotel Tonight and get a beautiful hotel for a throwaway price – live like royalty, and pat yourself on the back for that brilliant impulse.

Other Resources I Swear By…  

Everything from road trip mapping to figuring out what the best way to get from point A to point B is essential when planning your next trip :


This is my go-to app when I think about creating an itinerary. It gives you everything from the cheapest ways to get between places, to the best, mot optimized itinerary to help you make the most of your time traveling!

Spotted By Locals

This handy little app is fantastic when you’re looking for local recommendations to fully immerse yourself in a new culture. Written and curated by locals in each new destination, you’ll never run out of things to check out and places to eat – all with the local seal of approval.

another two cents from me….

Use Your Weekends!

Bit obvious yes, but I can’t help but mention it! This is my golden rule and is pretty much how I manage to get away almost every month. Use your weekends for getaways that you can make the most of in 48 hours – hop on a plane or train (yes, wake up a little earlier on Saturday or head straight from work Friday night) and head to your destination, drop your bags, and EXPLORE. Get home Sunday night, or, if you’re bold, take a red-eye /early flight back on Monday and head straight to work from the airport – it’s a bold move, but your safer bet is always late Sunday night. Bank holidays are your best friend – A three-day weekend makes ALL the difference in the world between a quick weekend getaway and a short, true R&R vacation.

So there you have it… all my travel tips, resources, and go-tos laid out for you! Don’t let anything stop you exploring the world the way you want to – I very much belong to the ‘where there’s a will…’ camp so trust me, do what you love, use all my travel hacks, and start exploring as often as you possibly can. Gotta tick things of that bucket list, amirite?

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